Research labs

Verið, siencepark at Sauðárkrókur is the home to research and development within biology and biotechnology. The faculty of Aquaculture and fish biology of Hólar University College, is located in the science park, as well as the Biotechnology lab of Matís ohf and the protein pilot plant of Iceprotein ehf.

Matís ohf. (Icelandic food research) runs a biotechnology lab in the sience park Verið in Sauðárkrókur. This laboratory is a platform for scientists that are working on research and development in biotechnology, and want to develop new products or processes in cooperation with Matís ohf. The object of this lab is to provide culture and equipment to innovators within biotechnology and contribute to shorter paths from idea to markets.

Iceprotein ehf, owns and runs a pilot plant that is specialized in extracting proteins from fish offal. The plant is also planning a new project of extracting proteins from whey that has been treated as waste up till now.

KS Dairy runs a small research lab for quality control of own products thus mostly focused on milk culture. The Dairy is specialized in production of cheese.


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