Industrial water

Cooling waters are available in big quantities in Sauðárkrókur. SKV ehf a municipality owned and driven company, supplies enterprises with hot and cold water as well as clean seawater for industrial usages. Fresh water from a local stream would be the first option as a resource for cooling waters. Small streams in the local area are capable of supplying 25 and 45 l/s of 4-5°C hot water. (Temperature of cooling water is close to 0°C in wintertime). Cold and clean seawater could also be an option for industrial cooling systems. Today the seawater utility is supplying aquaculture research center and a shrimp producer 35-40 l/s of 6°C hot seawater. New boreholes supplying up to 300 l/s can be up and running within eight months from the decision of adding the capacity.


Gunnar Björn Rögnvaldsson SKV ehf, june  2008


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