Scheduled sailing routes to Europe

Three shipping companies maintain scheduled sailing routes to Europe. In the following table you can see time of departures and sailing time to commercial harbors in Europe.

On the horizontal axis you will find the departure harbor and on the vertical axis the destination harbor. The weekday shows what time of week the vessel will be at the harbor where appropriate and the numbers show outbound and inbound time in number of weekdays. Single number shows outbound time.

Example; Vessel from Reykjavík to Cuxhaven, departs on a Thursday and docks in Cuxhaven on a Wednesday, six days later and returns to Reykjavík seven days after that.

Destination Grundartangi Reykjavík Reyðarfjörður
  Eim/N Eim/S Eim/N Eim/S Sam/b Atl/s Atl/n Eim/N* Sam/g**
Grundartangi (IS) Wed Tue              
Reykjavík (IS) Thu (1) Wed (1) Thu Wed Thu Thu Wed    
Reyðarfjörður (IS) Fri (2)   Fri (1)     Fri (1)   Fri Every ten days
Immingham (UK)   Sun (5)   Sun(4) Mon(4/9)   Sun(4)    
Hamburg (D)   Mon (6/8)   Mon (5/7)     Mon (5/7)    
Rotterdam (NL) Mon (5/8) Wed (8/6) Mon (4/7) Wed (7/5) Tue (5/8) Mon (4/7) Wed (7/5) Mon (3) (4/5)
Cuxhaven (D)         Wed (6/7)        
Fredrikstad (NO) Wed (6/7)   Wed (5/6)     Wed (5/6)   Wed (4)  
Gothenburg (SE) Thu (7/6)   Thu (6/5)     Thu (6/5)   Thu (5)  
Varberg (SE)         Thu (7/6)        
Aarhus (DK) Fri (8/5)   Fri (7/4)   Fri (6/5) Fri (7/4)   Fri (6)  
Immingham (UK)   Thu (9/5)   Thu (8/4)     Thu (8/4)   (6/3)
Reyðarfjörður (IS)                  
Reykjavík (IS) Tue (12/1) Mon (13/1) Tue Mon Wed Tue Mon Tue  
Grundartangi (IS) Wed Tue              
*as the vessel does not return directly to this harbor, only outbound time is presented
**as time of departure varies, the time of sailing is presented here


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