Don’t let the name deceive you. Although being named Iceland, it is not constantly sub zero temperatures in Iceland. Average temperature year round in Sauđárkrókur is undeniably low compared to Mediterranean countries or about 3,1°C (37,5°F) but as the average low temperature is only around -5°C in the coldest months of the year (january-february) it states that it does not get significantly cold here. 

Being the next door neighbor to the North Atlantic Sea, the region is quite windy. In fact Sauđárkrókur is known for a stationary wind, a weather phenomenon that occurs during hot summer days. Windy but not stormy is the right way to describe the weather in the region, since harsh storms are rare happenings. Average wind in the town of Sauđárkrókur is 6,7 m/s with the head wind directions from North and South to Southwest.

Temperature in Sauđárkrókur
The picture is in centigrade. The boxes show the average high and low values in centigrade for each month of the year, while the lines show highest and lowest temperature measured each month. Data from weather stations at Sauđárkrókur and Bergstađir (6Km south of Sauđárkrókur) from 1961-2006.

Average annual precipitation
The average annual precipitation is about 514mm (20 inches) distributed fairly evenly over the year, although early summer seems to be the driest season. This is in comparison little lower precipitation than in London, half of the annual precipitation in New York and only 60% of the average annual precipitation in Reykjavíkfor example.


The municipality of Skagafjörđur
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