Composites are growing fast as building material in various industries and the demand for high performance manmade fiber is skyrocketing. The innovative community in Sauđárkrókur has noticed this evolution and is now building the center for the composite industry in Iceland in cooperation with High Tech center of Iceland and Innovative center of Iceland.

Our objective is to attract companies in fiber production as well as composites by providing a supportive environment where the infrastructure is suited to meet the needs fiber and chemical producers have. The service industry in Sauđárkrókur is well developed since the local electricians, mechanics, IT companies and others are used to meet the needs of the industrial cluster that is already established in the area. The location makes it also easy to get service and goods from Reykjavík or nearby towns.

Educational level of the workforce in Sauđárkrókur is relatively high. As a matter of fact it is on a par with the educational level in Reykjavík, the capitol of Iceland. At the comprehensive college in Sauđárkrókur vocational studies in mechanics, electronics and carpentry feed the economy with skilled craftsmen. Vocational studies in composites will be taught at the school in 2012/2013, making this the first school in Iceland offering studies in this field.

Iceland is renowned for its production of electricity with hydroelectric and geothermal power plants. The vast supply of energy in the country has led to the fact that the energy is inexpensive compared to Europe, USA and even Asia, contributing to lower operational cost overall. The tradition for the power companies is to sign long term contracts with customers, taking away the problem of fast increasing power bills that are the fact for those that rely on fossil fuel energy. Location of a fiber plant in Iceland does not only mean lower operational cost but it also contributes to lower emissions since the production of the electricity is emission free and this will be a major factor in the marketing of products in nearest future.

At Sauđárkrókur electricity is transmitted with 66 and 132 kV lines. Two new 66kV lines and one 220kV line are planned to be up and running in the near future securing the stable transmission grid even further. This along with a 150Mw power plant in the region will make this area one of the most reliable in the country.


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