Skagfirskur matur ehf is a catering company located at Sauđárkrókur. This company does supply the elementary school in Sauđárkrókur with lunch, as well as several companies in town, or about 500 plates each day. The company is equipped to serve over 1000 persons.

The restaurant Ólafshús at Sauđárkrókur is experienced caterer able to serve up to 600 persons. The restaurant is able to seat up to 120 persons at own locations.

Hotel Varmahlíđ has a restaurant capable of serving up to 200 persons off location and about 100 persons at own location.


The municipality of Skagafjörđur
Skagafirđingabraut 21   |   550 Sauđárkrókur   |   Tel: +354 455 6000   |   Fax: +354 455 6001   |