Resources in Skagafjörður

Clean energy is the keyword for Iceland. Industry in Iceland relies on electrical power produced by hydropower or geothermal energy. Electricity in Iceland is transmitted through one of the most stable and reliable grid in the world. 132KV transmission line runs through Skagafjordur with 66KV line connected to the town of Saudarkrokur.

Water is distributed by municipality owned company SKV ehf. Water can be supplied cold for industrial usages, cold as drinking water or hot (60-90°C), for heating or industrial usages. In Saudarkrokur SKV ehf can as well supply industry with clean seawater.

We take waste seriously. The municipality of Skagafjörður in cooperation with few companies in the region has implemented a comprehensive system for recycling waste in the municipality. All degradable industrial waste is for example collected and composted in a local recycling station. All other waste, both from households and industry, is sorted and recycled as possible. Emission of greenhouse gasses is controlled by national legislations. All companies with emission in exess of 30.000 metric tons of greenhouse gasses annually need a license issued by the Environment ministry of Iceland. Note that since electricity in Iceland is produced with renewable non emitting resources, companies can exclude the emissions generated by power production from their equation.

Mining is not a large part of the industry in Iceland since the island is relatively geologically, and valuable metals, minerals or oil are not to be found as useable resources. Mining is therefore mostly done to provide materials for concrete and asphalt in construction and road making, leaving companies as Steinull hf at Sauðárkrókur as an exemption from the rule, since this company has been mining basalt sand for industrial usages for years.


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