Light industry

The infrastructure in Skagafjörður is well developed and ready to welcome new businesses. Vast supply of green energy, industrial water and good logistics combined with skilled workforce and good service industry. About 10% of the workforce in Skagafjörður is working within light industry and manufacturing, both highly skilled workers that are reliable and quality driven and well educated leaders with innovative emphasis. In addition there are about 6% of the workforce working in supporting industries as maintenance, transport, waste management and more.

Vast amount of energy are available in Skagafjörður that is logistically well situated for energy delivery. With the hydropower plant of Blanda in within stone throw away, and the circular power grid in the region, power reliability and efficiency is very high. Planned upgrades in the power grid will make the region even more attractive.

Attractive developed industrial lots are available at the harbor area in Sauðárkrókur as well as large Greenfield industrial areas in other parts of the region both at the coastline with possible harbor sites and by highway 1 inland.

Good road connections to international airports and import & export harbors make logistics simple and effective.

The highly skilled supporting industry as in electrics and metal works has contributed to innovation within the industrial cluster in Skagafjörður. This has taken form for example in new innovative process lines at the shrimp plant Dögun that have been designed and built from scratch by specialists within various companies and several other projects.


The municipality of Skagafjörður
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